Twitch Channel Design

Plans for if I wanted to try streaming on twitch.

March 23, 2021

A few months ago I got really into the idea of streaming on twitch and got into making my own set of custom stuff to use for the stream, I wanted to have some very short animations for the introduction, pause and ending scenes, and a special set of emotes to use just on the channel.

I decided it’d be easier to use a v-tuber style avatar rather than buying a webcam / lights / rearranging my space to have a background that wasn’t terribly revealing. Since I’m drawing cartoon animals all the time it made sense to stick with that for my character.

Twitch Drawing Animation

I created scenes for the introduction to play while I make sure everything is ready before anything is shown, a thank you screen to show the stream is over, a be right back screen in case of needing to take a short break, a chatting screen for in-between activities or just wanting to hangout, and a couple error screens just in-case something goes wrong.

I also created a set of emotes, although you need to grow a community before you get official twitch emotes to use, services like BTTV and FFZ allow you to upload your own which anyone with the browser plugins can see. I think they work better shown large like this, I didn’t realize quite how small they were once resized to the twitch chat.

So far I haven’t gotten into a regular schedule, but I’m excited to get more use out of these soon, if you want to check it out you can follow for notifications over at